Looking for an affordable Christmas shopping this holiday season? Kindly check Taytay Tiangge for option! I have a list of FAQs to help you with your bazaar experience.

Mission: To help buyers and sellers be connected that will help livelihood of the people in Taytay.

Vision: To be the Garment Capital of the Philippines

Q: What is the updated schedule?

8am-5pm Monday-Sunday
BAGPI Schedule
8am-12midnight Mondays & Thursdays
9am-12midnight Monday & Thursday
8am-5pm- Saturday & Sunday
8am-5pm Tuesday to Sunday
MY SEOUL Schedule
12am-6pm Tuesday & Friday
6am-6pm Thursday, Saturday & Sunday
IGPAI Schedule
9am-2am Monday
9am-2am Thursday
12noon-12midnight Friday
9am-8pm Saturday & Sunday

Q. What are the differences of each bazaars?
A. To be fair, I don’t post the differences among them. It would be best if you’ll visit the place personally.

Q. How many stall are there?
A. Approximately 500 stalls per bazaar.

Q. Can I check your items?
A. No, because, this is not an online store. It is just a website to promote the place.

Q. I am interested to rent/buy a stall for my business. How can I get one?
A. Kindly go to each offices personally.

Q. Can I buy 1 piece only?
A.Yes, you can.

Q. Do you sell remnants of cloth? How much per kilo?
A.Yes, you can. Ask the salesperson at any stalls if they sell.

Q. I’d like to invite you to an event. How can I contact you?
A. I am just a private individual who’s trying to help Taytay Tiangge sellers and buyers. You may visit our municipal office instead.

Q. I’m looking for a sewer who can help me with my business, can you refer someone for me?
A. Better visit Taytay Tiangge and ask around.

Q. Do you have parking space?
A. Yes, we have. However you have to be early to get a best spot.

Q.How may minimum items do I need to buy do get a discount?
A. Normally, 3 same items.

Q. What is the holiday schedule?
A. Normally open all year round except Good Friday.

Q. How can I get there?
A. Taytay Tiangge is pinned in Google maps. You can also waze it.

Q. Do I have my own stalls?
A. Yes, I have 3. Igpai Tiangge, CME and TMT. Schedules, Monday 10am-12midnight and Thursday 10am-12midnight. You can also like my Facebook page at Taytay Tiangge stall nos. 296 IGPAI, 436 TMT & CME 245

I just also want to mention also I am thankful to the garment industry.  When I was starting in this business, there were very limited information online and very few buyers. So I started setting up a facebook account for Taytay Tiangge to connect buyers and sellers. And through that page, I was able to know what are sellable items because I knew what people were looking for. And that helped me jumpstart our apparel business. I want to agree to Zig Ziglar’s famous quote, “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”. 

I will continue to help you guys by updating this list FAQs or you can leave a comment or questions below. 

Happy shopping, Tianggeholics!


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  1. Hello po. Ask ko lang po kung may tiangge po ba sa monday July 22? Holiday po kasi eh. Thank you po.

  2. Hi! 🙂 Confirm ko lang po kung open pa rin yung ibang stalls ng wednesdays, We’re planning to visit sa August 21. Thank you.

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