My Grateful Lists for 2018

My Grateful Lists for 2018
Goodbye, fast food! 🙂

Health Wise. I stopped eating pork, chicken and beef. For some people this maybe something that is not to be grateful for, but it made me stopped eating at fast food automatically. So health wise, it is a such an achievement for me.

I also want to add that no health issues in the family.

I enjoyed too much to the point that I don't have a decent picture.

Amazing experience. Attended Tony Robbin’s Seminar for 3 days in Singapore. It maybe too late but I would like to write my experience in that outstanding seminar. I have attended so many seminars in my life and I think he’s just an outstanding speaker. And yes, he was able to make me do the fire walk. 

Because best grandma deserves the best.

Moments. I am thankful for the moment of celebrating my Grandma’s birthday. She’s suffering from kidney disease but I can’t see sickness in her. She’s I think one of the best blessings that came to our life because, when my father went away (which for me is a blessing in disguise), she took care of us. Looking back to my childhood, we were really poor. But her big love made us feel like we weren’t. It was the best childhood! I’m grateful that I had a two hour of conversation with her that day. I am thankful that I was express how much I love her with these cakes. I knew she really likes them because she kept the cake toppers. Sweet!

US with mother in law and hubby

Faith. Answered prayer. I am not a religious type of person, let me clarify that. But I believe in Him. D (my husband) and I have been praying for favor from Him to grant my in laws “request”. We have been praying for months already and we are more than grateful that God granted our prayer request. My heart is full of happiness.

The management team after the seminar in Thailand.

Career wise. I got promoted as Unit Manager. It may be something easy to achieve to a lot of people but I am really thankful for it because hiring people, training them continuously, motivating them, monitoring their productions, doing my own production plus family life is not an easy task. I am most grateful also for the new people I met, from total strangers to friends. It also mean I need to grow even more as a person because I will need to lead as a good example.

Finance. Our target fund for stock market this year is now at 75% of our target. Though we did not reach the 100%, I am grateful because, it is like a glass 3/4 full.

Exporing Grand Canyon with family

Blessed with in laws. I am not a sensitive type of person, kinda direct, so not everyone likes my company. But I am just thankful that I have the coolest, accepting, caring, and fun-loving in laws. 

Our DIY Christmas Party

Purpose. Having a business is both rewarding and challenging at the same time. Anchoring myself to the purpose of helping them is the main reason why we need to keep on growing.

Mama deserves the best too!

A better relationship with Mama. Growing up, I was living with my Grandma and Aunties most of the time. So I was not that affectionate to her.  But I am happy that things have changed. It all started when she got sick this year, it was a wake up call. I am now open and sweet to her. I can now hug and kiss her. At first, it was really awkward, but now, I am so happy and grateful that I am more caring, loving and sweet to her.

Soap making class with sister and classmates.

New skill. Just for fun, my sister and I enrolled to a half day class in soap making. It was a great bonding with my hardworking sister and I can now make soap with less trash.

What are your grateful lists for 2018?


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