No Buying of Clothes, Bags & Shoes Challenge for 2019

No Buying of Clothes, Bags & Shoes Challenge for 2019

“I have a challenge for myself for 2019”, me talking to my husband.
“What is it?”, he asked.
“No buying of clothes, bags & shoes challenge for 2019.”
He was perflexed and said, “That is not a good challenge, why not do something like a goal, and once you achieved it, buy something for yourself.” And so I needed to explain.

Just to be clear, I am not doing this to restrict myself. Here are my 4 reasons why I want to stop buying those three items:

  1. I have more than enough.
    Shoes, sandals and slippers combined, I have 20 pairs of them. 5 white shoes, 1 peach sneakers, 4 ballet flats, 4 heeled sandals for special occasions, 2 closed shoes with heels for formal events, water shoes, scented shoes for rainy season, wedge sandals for casual wear, flat sandals, and a couple of slippers. I am not a centipede to buy more pairs.
    Dresses. I can go to work for 30 days without doing the laundry. Gowns, swim wears, sports wear, I have more than I need.
    Bags. Bag packs, sports bag, laptop bags,  tote bags, convertible bag, sling bags, purse, beach bags, I have them.
  2. I have no more space for the new ones.
    I want to feel lighter this year by letting go of the items that I don’t use often. I want to have more space this coming year so I did some decluttering last month. I have observed that whenever I buy new ones, I just give the old ones, even if they are still good to use just just because I have no space for the new items anymore.
  3. Waste of money.
    Husband and I were at the outlet stores last month, and just because we put a budget in shopping for bags, I unintentionally bought a similar bag to the one I bought last year, only different brand this time. I now owned 5 white shoes. I have shoes that I haven’t worn yet.
  4. Maximize the purchased items.
    Buying a 1000-peso shoes worn 2 times will just give me a price of 500 pesos. But wearing it 1000 times (approximately 3 years), in my mind, I just bought the shoes for 1 peso only. 🙂

Of course, there’s always exception to the rules. I don’t want to come to a point wherein just because of this challenge, I will inconvenience myself. So I have set 2 exceptions:

  1. If I get pregnant. I am size 0-1, so it is impossible for me to find clothes in my wardrobe now to fit me once I’m 4-month pregnant. Unless, I borrow from my husband. 🙂
  2. If I broke/damaged what I have now. 

I have been thinking about this challenge for 2 weeks now, and surprisingly I still feel good about it. I am also excited to know more about myself after this challenge

How about you? What challenge do you have for yourself this 2019?


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